CHAMPS Health Summit
CHAMPS Health Summit
CHAMPS Health Summit


Each year numerous physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals volunteer their time and expertise to provide screenings, education, consultations, and other services to the hundreds of CHAMPS participants. We are looking for Pharmacists, Masseuses, Fitness Professionals, Dermatologists, Internists, Urologists, and other Physician specialties!

If you are a medical professional interested in providing services, please send an email to using our contact form.

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"I think this health fair is wonderful and so beneficial to our men. Raising two boys, we as mothers need to educate ourselves for the future of our men. Thank you Champs for all you do." Jennifer 

"I think this is great! I really appreciate the fact that Champs takes care of the people in their community who may not have the means to do it themselves." Marcus 

"I found everything to be good and very easy to find and all the stations were very professional. Everyone was friendly and happy. I had a great time today." Karl 


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