Comments from past participants!

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Awesome health fair that teaches black men the importance of being tested so that we can live a healthy life.  We can only live when we give others what we've learned. Horace 46

Great health fair. Strongly recommend all men, particularly African American men, to attend! Ronnie 49
I enjoyed coming to this event and being aware of my status for my hearing and vision!  They gave us the chance to learn more about our health. Willie 33
Great people helping those in need. Thank you. Jody 50
Good exams, but great health vendors with a lot of knowledge and information. Kenneth 49

I think many men and women should participate in this to help better their health and to show the kids how to be proactive instead of reactive. Clarence 56
I thought it was very successful. I appreciate all your efforts and education. Paul 59
Very good setup. I want to commend you for a great job. Roger 65
This is a very good event to have!  Learned things about myself that I really never knew. Jaylan 21
Much needed and glad I came. Rodney 50

This was a very informative session.  I would recommend it to someone else.  I appreciate Clark Atlanta for allowing this free health examination for people who are not able to know about their health status.  Thank you. Eric 49
The event has given me great information with service and education to improve my health and well being.  I had good results on tests and info to improve going forward. Tyrone 56
Champs is a great service to the Community. Clavin 56
I thought the health fair was great.  I found out today there's something I need to work on.  I am thankful I had a chance to find out what I need to work on with my doctor. James 68
Great services and excellent staff. Glad I came. Thaddeus 37

Needed this information and thanks for it all. Johnny 62
Great men's health fair.  I found a specialist that can help me with my problem. Thank you. Larvell 51
I would just like to thank everyone involved with Champs.  I really appreciate everything you all are doing and continue to do. Lonnie 54
I recommend this event. It provides great information and follow-up.  Looking forward to the next event. Fred 42
If you know about the CHAMPS health fair and don't attend, that is a major mistake. Tom 67
Great experience.  I will come back. I recommend all brothers to come next year. Floyd 58

I really enjoyed the event.  Free screenings, learn more about yourself, and engage and meet new people. Jatore 20
Awesome event, organizing professionals and volunteer staff.  Event is needed yearly so keep up the good work.  Our community needs you! Del 28
This was a great experience and I learned a few things about my health.  Nebraska 54
Very great way to serve the community. Very helpful for my tooth problem. Jasmin 18
It was great! Josh 22
I enjoyed the health fair.  It was very informing and put my mind at ease on my HIV and cancer screenings. Matthew 50

This opportunity to receive a free health check is deeply appreciated. Kenneth 50
This was wonderful!! A great experience.  We greatly appreciate the service we received today. Look forward to coming out next year. Glenn 62
This was an amazing event.  It really helped me with health education.  I will definitely come to this event again and I recommend that we all as African Americans get in the know about our health and wellness.  Thank you Champs for this info. Michael 46
Ladies bring your guy. They need you to push them to come out.  This is for their health.  It helps them when both of you are doing it together.  Wendy 46
Great staff. Very friendly, helpful and professional.  I loved it.  They should advertise these events more. Michael 41
Fabulous volunteers. Exceptional medical professionals who care and truly want to help with our health needs. John 64

This is a good awareness arrangement that could save a personís life.  It should be continued with vigilance.  Thanks a lot! Carl 47
It was Great!  I am really glad I came.  I found out something I was not aware of.  Tab  47
I think every man should have this done and Iím glad I came.  Erik  31
Very good service.  Provided me the opportunity to see where I stood physically.  Service was efficient and patient friendly.  The best prostate exam Iíve had because the doctor talked me through it and explained everything. Nate  53
I think this was great and it should be done more often because of the outside help.  It was really helpful when the doctors spoke while you are in line waiting.  I do not think I would have done my prostate exam had it not been for a comfortable environment.  This was a great experience.  Charles  40

I think this health fair is wonderful and so beneficial to our men.  Raising two boys, we as mothers need to educate ourselves for the future of our men.  Thank you Champs for all you do.  Jennifer  42
I think this is great!  I really appreciate the fact that Champs takes care of the people in their community who may not have the means to do it themselves.  Marcus  30
I found everything to be good and very easy to find and all the stations were very professional.  Everyone was friendly and happy.  I had a great time today.  Karl  44
I think itís great that an opportunity is provided to the community to be aware and conscious of our health condition.  John  26
The opportunity to have your health screened was a blessing, especially for free.  It was a great experience.  All the testing stations were kind, polite and informative.  I suggest the next time this event takes place everybody should attend.  Watkins  35

Itís a real great event, more men and women should come out.  Demetrius  28
The various screening test was great!  I think the process may need a little more organization to be even more successful.  Andreí  40
Everything was so great for me because I need all the great testing for myself because I donít have insurance.  Thanks for the health fair.  Franklin   47
I appreciate the health summit because it helps me look forward to know the condition my body/system is doing when it comes to health issues and concerns.  Justin  49
I think the test is a good thing.  Fredrick  63

Very informative, beneficial and an asset to the community.  Keep up the good work and God bless!!  My son enjoyed all the information.  Thanks  Preston  43
I think this is a great thing.  As men we need to take better care.  This is great!  Elijah  48
I find this to be a fantastic program for male adults in the Atlanta area.  Keep it going!!!  Joe  54
This is my first time at Champs.  I found it very informative.  All men should attend.  The wives or sweethearts should make them attend or bring them.  Ed  74
I think it is a wonderful health fair.  I think all women and men should be real for their health.  Test about their life history too. Find out about their life.  John  52

Thanks for providing these testing booths for our community.  I am self employed and not able to afford health insurance, but donít want to work out of the private sector.  I hope you guys are able to continue the service as I will be sending other friends this way.  Mark  40
Thank you!!!  The exams are a tremendous benefit to people that are in between health care providers for one reason or another.  Thank you!!!  97.5 FM  John  41
Your health is your wealth.  An event like this can make your life rich.  Clarence  43
Understanding all the pressing health issues that are on the rise.  These events are very much needed and greatly appreciated.  The professionalism that was exhibited here was outstanding.  Thank you, looking forward to the next health fair.  Eric  29
I am really glad for this experience.  I think we need more clinics around for less fortunate peopleís usage.  Henry  55

I enjoyed this event, I will be back next year.  I plan to bring my friends.  I had a very informational experience. Matthew  23
Iím glad that I came today and had everything tested.  I delayed my return back to New York to attend this screening. Tyrone  48
Good event, I would come back  Bao  34
This is a well needed check up, it let me know what I needed to do.  Rodney  49
Thank you.  Will be back next year!!  Thy  64

I just moved to the Atlanta area from New Jersey.  This Champs health fair was a blessing for me.  I do not have health insurance and I am grateful for the services you offer.  Thank you!  Wali  55
Everything was great.  I learned more today about what I need to care for myself.  Thank God for Champs.   Darryl  45
Great health fair.  I learned valuable information and what I need to follow-up with my doctor.  Great way to spend Saturday morning.   Eric  42
ďFirst, Thanks to all that came to help.Ē  I thank you for what you are doing for men.  I will live much longer by getting your time.  A God ďsendĒ. Thank you, thank you.  Henry  60
This is very good for men.  We take better care of our car than or body.  John  61

An excellent health screening.  Professional, fast and friendly.  Thanks so much!!  Kenneth  51
I had the opportunity to attend the Champs health seminar.  I currently work at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, I realize the importance of public health and I found it important to bring my father out to be screened.  Shaded  29
Thanks for your help  L. Larkins  45
This was a great event for the community.  I started to feel better about myself from the first test to the last.  The volunteers were pleasant, helpful and informative.  Eric  38
Itís a great thing.  I will make sure I go every year.  Corey  32

I think today was a good thing for men and everyone to take charge of their health.  Stanley  47
A good idea but need to do it more often!  Lems  55
This was a good experience, very informative, reveling to me about my health.  I will come again next year as a volunteer.  Thanks a million for all of you!!  Earnest  50
This is a great thing and a great need for the community.  The first step was made by offering the screenings.  I think this went a long way to helping menís health.  I look forward to next year and I hope it continues to grow and help many men.  Thank you.  Corey  30
Great event, although a little unorganized.  Definitely worth the time spent for the information received.  Randall  37

The Champs screening was a worthwhile event for me.  I had a very positive experience that cleared many thoughts and concerns about my health.  I am looking forward to next year and highly recommend the screening.  Thank you CHAMPS.  Sha-Ron  52
So far so good  John  47
The Champs health expo was a great opportunity for anyone who wants to find out how their health is all in one day, and the best part it was FREE!  Antjuan  34
Very good and helpful to keep your health going strong.  Jernon  42
It was a good thing for the community.  Charles  29

Thank you so much.  This has been a good help to me.  George  52
Iím really surprised that an event so important to the community/city is available for the citizens.  Iím really appreciative that it was given for us, especially free!!  Thank you very much.  Rafael  38
First time attending and would encourage all near and far to attend.  Catrina  51
Best thing for non insured, found out about things.  Good job.  James  48
This is great for people to get an update on health care.  Tommie  51

Itís a great event and I have good information for good health.  Shanda  38
Very impressive.  Being a member of the Fatherhood Initiative/Man Up Organization and having been given the information/experience of this health fair motivated me to follow-up on additional medical attention.  Willie  53
This is really good program for the metro Atlanta area.  ďSound the alarmĒ.  Jerome  57
Great job on getting people out for the checkup.  I really learned a lot about my health today.  Thank you very much.  Robert  56
I understand the importance of good health.  I am inspired by the performance from these doctors and I would like to thank Champs for this promotion.  Byron  38

Providing this opportunity for people to determine where their health is at present time is great.  Additionally, assist those who are financially unable to pay for their health examination.  This promotion is the closest thing to a free health plan.  Larry  59
Champs is a very informative website.  Pamela  51
I think that this is a great thing for us black men!  James  58
More companies should get involved.  Roderick  41
I had a very good time at the Champs testing.  The doctors were very good, the workers were very helpful.  I would like for Champs to come to Atlanta every year.  Thank you very much.  Michael  43

This is something that I needed to do in order to find out what it is I need to do.  I know now what I need to do in order to live a long life.  Fred  38
This health fair has priceless information for all ages.  Rod  36
The entire experience for me was very good from start to finish.  I was expecting to wait a long time for each test was 3 minutes for the type test we received.  In a doctorís office would be very expensive in some cases, but today was free of charge.  I would like to say thanks to all the volunteers, doctors, and sponsors.  Ricky  34
The entire experience for me was very, very good.  The volunteers, doctors and sponsors were good.  They talked to you and made you feel love.  Donald  31
The experience was a good one mainly because there were so many willing to get their health checked.  I am concerned about the health of our black men because I know of quite a few who are not concerned about going to the doctor.  It would be great to have this event twice a year at least.   Brett  34

Very informative, educational, and positive.  Iím encouraged to follow-up on my health concerns as a result of your health fair.  Thank you so very much and march onward.  Billy  42
Very helpful and informative.  Please keep up the good work, and may God bless all of you in everything you do.  Tony  48
Your service was very helpful.  I donít think I would have had all this done if not for the program.  Sander  42
The event was excellent.  There should be more of these to promote health awareness.  Mike  51
I think this event is very well worth the time it took for me to get medically checked.  I also think that African American men came out in large numbers so that we all as black men have the opportunity to help our selves to live longer.  This is a great service for the Atlanta metropolitan community and I hope it will continue for years to come.  Vernon  55

Very good.  Ralph  52
Very good for awareness.  Need to have free meds on hand.  Larry  52
Very good, better than P.C.P.  Manuel  30
My time today was well spent.  I appreciate the wonderful services provided.  Health fairs are life savers for me.  Many of my health deficiencies were discovered by Champ professionals at yearly health care fairs.  Daniel  76
This was an excellent seminar.  I learned a lot of things and the medical staff was very personable and knowledgeable.  I would definitely recommend men to come out to this every year.   Jeffery  40

Wonderful event.  Glad a friend told me about it.  Akbar  55
This was most needed, it was a very good service.  The U.S. Government should help you all help the citizens of America so we can have a healthy society like they have in Europe and else where.  Thank you.  Baba  64
This was an awesome experience.  I may have or may not have prostrate problems but Dr. Hood discovered an abnormality and I intend to follow-up and have it checked out.  My thanks to Dr. Hood and Dr. Bennett.   Don  54
This was one of the best screenings that Iíve been to within the last 5 years, and I advise everyone to go through this.  Itís nice to know what is going on with my body.  Will  45
This was an excellent health fair.  It was very informative and provided information on the most prevalent health problems.  Please do more of them our community needs them.  Rosalyn  42

Iíve attended before and am very glad I came back this year.  Charles  44
I came to check on my health and I will tell others about the program.  Lee  54
My first time attending, I wonít miss another one.  It is needed.  While in line waiting to be seen I phoned friends to come in and they did.  As stated I wonít miss another one.  Charles  54
Everyone was very helpful and polite.  I would encourage everyone to come down and get tested.  Annette  46
An excellent service for the community and people.  I personally recommend all people who have any thoughts or concerns to come up and participate in this great program.  Shungo  32
I have positive results on all of my test here at the health fair.  I have been doing everything right.  They said just keep it up.  Jeff  55

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